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PRISM E/H Paper Cutters

Our new 20" and 28.7" PRISM 52/73 E/H model paper cutters are manufactured in Europe to our exacting C&P standards. They are designed for lighter duty cutting applications than our other PRISM lines of paper cutters making them ideal for digital print operations, in plant facilities, schools, offices, libraries etc. New PRISM E/H paper cutters offer many features found on our other PRISM models but with a much lower price point.

PRISM E/H cutter features

  • Mitsubishi touch screen computer controls
  • Infra-red safety eye beams
  • Dual push button operation
  • Rear safety cover
  • Laser Cut Line Indicator
  • Two high speed blades
  • Six plastic cutting sticks
  • All tools, guards and manuals
  • Two year parts warranty
  • Stainless steel table construction
  • Air on Main Table *Standard on 73 H Models only
    • Air Table is optional on the 73 E Models
    • Air table is not available on 52 E/H models
  • Standard power requirements: 230 V, 60HZ 3 phase 20 amp power required, Optional single phase 230V available
Prism E/H cutter


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