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Saber Paper Cutter

The Saber XXL series brings the new features of the Saber X15 series to large-format cutting, in sizes from 165 cm (65") to 320 cm (126"):

  • New Microcut system with 15" touch screen
  • New hydraulic system
  • New cut optimization
  • Availability of AWR (Automatic Waste Removal)
  • New automatic knife setting (patent pending)

The SABER line of heavy-duty, precision paper cutters combines proven mechanical design - manufactured to ISO-9001 standards, with state-of-the-art electronics. Incorporating the knowledge gained in over 20,000 microcut installations worldwide, the system offers a wide array of programming options and features, presented in an intuitive, easy to use format.

Saber XXL cutters are available in the following sizes:

  • 165 cm (65")
  • 190 cm (75")
  • 230 cm (90")
  • 280 cm (110")
  • 320 cm (126")
Saber XXL cutter
the Saber XXL cutter

Saber Features:

Precision Cutting

The knife bar is drawn through the pile, pulled from both ends, insuring stable, precise cutting with even the most difficult stock.

Back Gauge Control

A ball bearing leadscrew and linear guide are integral to back gauge control. Together with SABER's patented DC drive system, smooth and accurate positioning is assured at all speeds.

World-Class Controls

The multi-lingual, active matrix touch screen guides the operator through all operations. Real time data collection, network ready interface, and a USB connection for on-site data input and retrieval are all standard.

Quality Construction & Ease of Maintenance

Chromed main side tables, a one piece base which integrates table supports, and computer controlled lubrication are but a few of the features that add up to 11,000 pounds of precision machinery and years of trouble free operation.

Operator & Machine Safety

SABER is designed to comply with the new CE safety standards, acknowledged as the most stringent in the world. Some 150 machine functions are monitored over 1000 times a second, with duplicity in all circuits.


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